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Treoir E-Bulletin   -  2012


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 Treoir Bulletin August 2012

Father’s name on Birth Certificate
CSO Vital Statistics for 2011
Public Services Card (PSC)
Cuts to CE Schemes Partially Reversed
Childminding Ireland
Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy Study
Abortion Statistics 2011
Shaping Ireland’s Future – Securing Economic Development, Social Equity and Sustainability
Understanding Childhood Deprivation in Ireland
Mediation / Appropriate Dispute Resolution
Mediation and Children
Government approves in principle a future Referendum on article 34 of the Constitution
Children’s Law Centre to be Set Up
Report on Child Protection
Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information on Offences Against Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012
Child Relocation – UK
Shift in focus for Family Resource Centres
A Series of Masterclasses – Supporting an unplanned pregnancy
BA in Community and Family Studies – 50% concession on fees for Social Welfare recipients
Housing Matters

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TREOIR Bulletin January - April 2012

New Social Welfare Bill: Disaster for Lone Parent Families
Date for your Diary
Treoir Workshop  -  FREE
NEW  - Information Pack for Unmarried Parents 2012
Treoir Step-parent Adoption Leaflet
Non EU parents get residency in Ireland
Decision made as with whom a child would reside
Boy loses challenge to underage sex laws
The increasing acceptance of Facebook and Twitter
Pathways to Work
Growing Up in Ireland – Fourth Report
Child Contact Centres officially launched
Family Day
Positive Childhood Campaign
Downsizing the Community Sector  (Feb. 2012)
Childminding Ireland
Birth Parent Support Group North West
Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)  - Fact Sheets
Notices from the Adoption Authority
Ombudsman for Children

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