A New Era for Adoption Law in Ireland

A New Era for Adoption Law in Ireland

The Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017  came into effect on 19 October 2017. It changes various parts of the Adoption Act 2010, which governs how all adoptions in Ireland are carried out. This innovative piece of legislation intends to better reflect the complex realities of modern family life. Beatrice Cronin, Information and Policy Officer at Treoir … Read moreA New Era for Adoption Law in Ireland

Weather Warning

Treoir will be closely monitoring the extreme weather warnings this week, ensuring the safety of our staff while putting contingency plans in place to mitigate potential disruption. Currently (February 27th, 2018) it is business as usual for Treoir and our services will continue throughout, with the team at hand to support you with information and … Read moreWeather Warning

Commencement of the Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017

Treoir welcomes the many positive changes introduced by the Adoption Act 2017, in particular, the provision allowing step-parent adoption without the peculiar requirement for the biological parent to adopt his or her own child. Until  now the only way for a step-parent to adopt a child was to apply jointly with the child’s natural parent. … Read moreCommencement of the Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017

Treoir welcomes Damien Peelo as our new CEO

The Council of Treoir is delighted to announce the appointment of Damien Peelo as the new Chief Executive of Treoir with effect from 1 July 2017. Dr Ruth Barrington, the Chairperson of Treoir, welcoming the appointment, said that “The Council is very pleased that a person with such commitment to social justice and experience of the voluntary … Read moreTreoir welcomes Damien Peelo as our new CEO

Treoir AGM 2017

The Constitutional Status of the Unmarried Family and its Constituent Members As part of  Treoir’s role to create awareness of the issues affecting unmarried families we were delighted to have Prof. Gerry Whtye from Trinity College give the keynote address at our 2017 AGM. Prof. Whyte spoke about the legal situation for unmarried families and how the … Read moreTreoir AGM 2017

Dr. Dermot Walsh

All associated with Treoir were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Dr Dermot Walsh. Dermot was one of the founder members of Treoir in 1976, and the organisation’s first chairperson. In recognition of his contribution to Treoir, Dermot was made a lifetime honorary member and honorary President of the organisation. Dr Ruth Barrington, … Read moreDr. Dermot Walsh