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Press Release

Below are a number of press release documents available to download in PDF format

Budget 2017: Protecting the Most Vulnerable?

October 2016

Treoir believes that Budget 2017 fails to introduce specific measures to support lone parents to move off the one-parent family payment and to transition to sustainable employment and out of social welfare. In addition, Budget 2017 fails to review the operation of the Single Person Child Carer Tax Credit to make it automatically available to the qualifying secondary carer when the primary carer does not claim it.

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Treoir welcomes the publication of the Adoption (Amendment) Bill 2016 

May 2016

In particular Treoir welcomes that the best interests of the child will be the paramount consideration in relation to any adoption matter, application or proceedings.  Among other proposed changes, we welcome the provision whereby a step-parent adoption may take place without the peculiar requirement for the biological parent to adopt his or her own child.

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Good news for some unmarried dads

January 2016

Treoir, the national specialist information service for unmarried parents, welcomes the commencement of significant sections of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 today,  Monday 18th January.  Unmarried fathers will for the first time in Ireland become automatic guardians of their child but only when they have lived with the mother of their child for a period of one year, three months of which must be following the birth of the child.  This is not retrospective.

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There is something now in the Bill for non-cohabiting fathers!

March 2015

Birth Registrars will be empowered to witness a statutory declaration for joint guardianship, signed by the mother and father, appointing the father as a guardian. This can be done when the birth of the child is being registered (or re-registered) or within 14 days of the registration.

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Nothing for non-cohabiting fathers in Children and Family Relationships Bill

February 2015

Treoir, the National Specialist Information Service for Unmarried Parents, welcomes the passing by Cabinet of The Children and Family Relationships Bill 2015. This Bill will impact positively on many families and children in Ireland when enacted. “Treoir supports the enactment of this legislation but it is calling for some specific amendments to ensure that inequalities relating to unmarried fathers and their children are finally tackled” Margaret Dromey, CEO Treoir said.

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Compulsory registration of father’s name on child’s birth cert is now law

January 2015

Following on this new legislation, if a mother now attends without the father to register her child’s birth, the Registrar will ask her for contact details of the father. The Registrar will then make ‘all reasonable efforts’ to contact the father and invite him to attend the Registrar’s Office within 28 days in order to complete the registration.  Only in exceptional cases, where ‘compelling reasons’ are provided, will the father’s name be omitted.

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Government policy decisions may have negative impact on child wellbeing

October 2014

New research, commissioned by Treoir, has found that recent government policy decisions relating to One Parent Family Payments and tax credits for non-main carers could have negative impacts for child health and wellbeing.

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Recognising diverse family forms in legislation

September 2014

Treoir particularly welcomes the proposal to grant automataic guardianship rights to unmarried fathers who have been cohabiting for one year with the mother...

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Don't penalise the poorest families

July 2014

The Growing Up In Ireland (GUI) study commissioned by Treoir, the National Information Service for Unmarried Parents, confirms much of what we know about solo parents...
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Clarity on reporting underage, consensual, non-abusive sexual activity

May 2014

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of Treoir were Elizabeth Canavan, Assistant Secretary, Department of Children and Youth Affairs and Justice Catherine McGuinness

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Unmarried fathers – winners and non-winners

April 2014

On the occasion of making a presentation on the General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014 to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality.
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Publication of the Family Relationships Bill 2014

January 2014

Treoir welcomes the publication of the Child and Family Relationships Bill 2014. However, we are disappointed that the Bill does nothing for those unmarried fathers who are hugely committed to their parenting duties and involved with their children but have not cohabited with the mother for the requisite time.
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Guardianship Rights of Unmarried Fathers

January 2014

The recent tragic case of the very ill baby boy born in a Dublin maternity hospital highlights the lack of rights afforded to unmarried fathers.

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The proposal to remove the One-Parent Family Tax Credit from non-resident parents completely undermines those fathers who are doing their best for their children

24th October 2013
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Budget 2014 contains outrageous change in relation to tax credits

October 2013

Treoir is extremely concerned at the removal of the One-Parent Family Tax Credit from parents. 
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Cohabiting dads more likely to share parenting duties!

June 2013
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Essential information for unmarried expectant parents

January 2013

Treoir launches a public information campaign - Baby on Board - to provide information for expectant unmarried parents, living together or apart.
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Children's Rights Referendum

November 2012

Treoir completely supports the forthcoming referendum on children's rights. If passed, for the first time there will be a clear statement of children's rights in the Irish Constitution.
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Unmarried Parents - Numbers on the Rise

October 2012

Thirty-six percent of all births were outside marriage in the first quarter of 2012 according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).
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Children Have a Right to Know Who They Are

May 2012

Treoir welcomes the proposal to introduce legislation for compulsory joint birth registration where the parents are not married to each other.
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Understanding Childhood Deprivation in Ireland 

April 2012

Treoir sincerely hopes that Minister Burton will take serious note of the contents of this report when formulating Budget 2013 as Budget 2012 was such a disaster for lone parents.
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Ireland not yet ready for a single working age payment  

March 2012

Treoir believes that the Minister for Social Protection should not proceed with the proposal for the Single Working Age Payment at this time. This is in line with the recommendation of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education, which is contained in its Report on The Single Working Age Payment Proposal (SWAP).  See Press Release 13/3/2012.


Unmarried parents set to lose out if new plan comes to fruition

July 2011

Treoir the national organisation promoting the rights of unmarried parents and their children in Ireland, said that it could not support a social welfare system where unmarried and lone parents would lose out...Download PDF


Radical proposals for unmarried families challenging

December 2010

Treoir believes the proposals in the Law Reform Commissions's Report  "Legal Aspects of Family Relationships" are radical and far reaching. ...Download PDF


There should be no disincentives to family formation

October 2010

Treoir's recommendations on financial disincentives to cohabitation and marriage...Download PDF


An exciting new magazine especially for teen parents

October 2010

The second edition of The Young Parent Survival Guide, containing great information for young mums and dads, has been produced by
Treoir (the National Information Service for unmarried parents)...Download PDF


Dont Panic


Treoir urges parents who are receiving One Parent Family Payment not to panic following the publication of the Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2010 yesterday... Download PDF


Fathers still haven’t woken up!

June 24th 2010

Many fathers mistakenly believe that because their name is on their child’s
birth cert they have rights to their child... Download  PDF


“Do I have a daddy?”

January 19th 2010

Children whose parents are not married do not have their rights in relation to their fathers protected in Irish law. In its response to the Law Reform Commission’s report on LegalAspects of Family Relationships, Treoir strongly argues that children should have a right to a relationship with both their parents irrespective of their parents’ marital status... Download  PDF


Nearly 60% of all births to unmarried parents are to parents living at the same address

March 3rd 2010

Nearly 60% of all births to unmarried parents are to parents living at the same address, clearly showing that cohabitation is on the rise. Yet these families, though treated in the same way as married couples by theDepartment of Social and Family Affairs, are seriously disadvantaged within the tax system if one of them chooses to be a stay-at-home parent. They are treated very differently than married parents... Download  PDF


Children may get an Article in Bunreacht na hÉireann

February 16th 2010

At last, children may get an Article in Bunreacht na hÉireann specifically for them.  Treoir, the national federation of services for unmarried parents and their children expressed their delight at the proposed visibility of children inthe Irish Constitution. In responding to the third report of the Joint Committee on the Constitutional Amendment on Children, Treoir stated that they had long been lobbying for such a change... Download  PDF


Rights for Unmarried Families

September 9th 2009

Rights for Unmarried FamiliesTreoir extends its congratulations to the Law Reform Commission on addressing the rights of unmarried fathers, grandparents, step parents and indeed recognising that all children, irrespective of the marital status of their parents, have a right to a relationship with their fathers and extended families without any obstacles... Download  PDF


Two national support organisations plea for no cutbacks in welfarepayments to one-parent families

October 9th 2009

Two national lone parent organisations, OPEN and Treoir, make an unprecedented joint appeal to the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Ms. Mary Hanafin, T.D. at her Department’s annual Pre-Budget Forum in Dublin today ... Download  PDF




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