Watch them Grow: Unmarried-cohabitant and Solo parenthood in Ireland

December 2014

Budget 2015:
– Social Welfare
– Income Tax
Central Statistics Office: Annual Report 2012
New Bill would give adopted persons the right to birth cert
Abortion: The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013
One Family: Parenting Supports
Parents Plus

October 2014

1. Budget 2015:Widening the Gap between Rich and Poor
2. Family Relationships Bill 2014
3. Watch Them Grow: Unmarried – cohabitant and solo parenthood in Ireland
4. Central Statistics Office: Births Outside marriage for 1st Quarter 2014
5. Decrease in the Number of Women Giving Irish Addresses at Abortion Clinics in 2013
6. Natural father fails in bid for sole custody
7. High Court ruling on a father’s right to rent allowance
8. Changes to After-school Childcare
9. Compulsory Birth Registration
10. Parenting Plans
11. Mother and Baby Homes
12. Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
13. New Irish Families: A Profile of Second Generation Children and their Families
14. Children of Immigrants and their Families
15. Seminar on The Family Leave Bill
16. The School and the Family Today: ‘Good Practice Guidelines’
17. Legal Aid Board: Annual Conference (June 2014)
18. Social Welfare Appeals Waiting Times
19. The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA)
20. €15 fee for Freedom of Information requests to be abolished
22. Northside Community Law Centre has changed its name!
23. a good news story – District Courts will not be closed!
24. whatsupmum

General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill

See Treoir’s Submission on the General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014 to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice Defence and Equality.  Read Submission. Read Treoir’s articles about the proposed changes in family law in the upcoming Child & Family Bill: *  The Journal: ‘Radical change on the way for (some) unmarried fathers’ … Read more

May 2014

1. Treoir Annual General Meeting 2014
2. Treoir’s Information Pack 2014
3. Mother and Baby Homes
4. One Parent Family Tax Credit
5. Changes to the One-Parent Family Payment
6. Children First Bill 2014
7. General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014
8. Unmarried Fathers
9. Child to be given vaccinations against the wishes of the mother
10. Cross Boarder Disputes / International Parental Child Abduction
11. Separating parents and their children
12. Family Law Research – Judicial Separation and Divorce in the Circuit Court in Ireland
13. Parenting Supports in Limerick
14. Annual Reports of Marriages, Births and Deaths from 1864 to 2000 inclusive – A snapshot
15. New Social Housing for Cork
16. skillstowork
17. The Book Rental Scheme
18. Free Travel to Community & Voluntary Groups
19. A Portrait of Ireland’s Non-Profit Sector
20. Charities Regulatory Authority