Pat Kenny interviews Treoir

Important Information for Cohabiting Fathers

From the 18th January 2017, a non-marital father will automatically become a joint legal guardian of his child if he has cohabited with the child’s mother for a minimum of 12 consecutive months, including at least 3 months after the child’s birth. This groundbreaking provision of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 comes into … Read moreImportant Information for Cohabiting Fathers

1976 – 2016: Celebrating Treoir’s 40th Anniversary

Treoir is looking forward to celebrating its 40th anniversary tomorrow 7th of December at the Mansion House on Dawson Street, Dublin 2. In 1976 Treoir was founded as the Federation of Services for Unmarried Parents and their Children. As Treoir celebrates its 40th anniversary, the vision and foresight of the early pioneers deserve recognition for … Read more1976 – 2016: Celebrating Treoir’s 40th Anniversary

Newly updated Information Pack!

Information Pack for unmarried parents for unmarried parents has recently been updated with new legislation and with the most recent budget changes. This Pack contains information on legal issues relevant to all unmarried parents, i.e. living together or apart, both opposite and same sex. The legal issues include, information on: guardianship, access, maintenance, establishing paternity, … Read moreNewly updated Information Pack!

TREOIR’s Pre-Budget Submission 2017

Supporting Financially Vulnerable Families SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS Reinstate the supports for one-parent families in order to address the current high rates of child poverty. At a minimum, social welfare payments and the associated secondary payments should not be cut or reduced. Extend FIS to lone parents in receipt of Jobseekers Transitional Payment subject to certain … Read moreTREOIR’s Pre-Budget Submission 2017

Retirement of Margaret Dromey, CEO of Treoir

Treoir hosted what was a bittersweet celebration last week when we said goodbye to the woman whose name has been synonymous with that of Treoir for so many years. To mark the occasion, friends, colleagues and her family joined Margaret for this celebration of her wonderful career.  Ruth Barrington, the Chairwoman of Treoir, in paying … Read moreRetirement of Margaret Dromey, CEO of Treoir

TREOIR Information Leaflets

Following the commencement of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, Treoir’s information leaflets have been updated. The following leaflets are now available: Custody Access, Guardianship, Maintenance, Establishing Paternity, Cohabiting Parents, Unmarried Fathers, Passports, Child Abduction and Step-parent Adoption. All publications may be ordered from Treoir or downloaded from the ‘Publications‘ section of this website. … Read moreTREOIR Information Leaflets

A new supply of ‘Baby on Board’ badges has arrived!

Treoir conducted an information campaign in 2013 to provide information for expectant unmarried parents. The campaign highlighted key information on issues including birth registration, cohabitation, shared parenting and establishing paternity. To promote the campaign, we developed 10 Top Tips for unmarried and about-to-be parents and produced a specially branded “Baby on Board” badge (…and we … Read moreA new supply of ‘Baby on Board’ badges has arrived!