Court Service online appointments PILOT programme commences

Over the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic, persons applying to the Court for various applications must first contact the relevant court to make an appointment. In order to manage appointments, the court service are piloting an online booking service. 

This new service is available for Family Law applications in Dublin and Limerick throughout the pilot period

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We provide a free, confidential, specialist information service for parents not married to each other, living together or apart, their extended families and those working with them.

Information is available on Legal, Social Welfare and Parenting issues.

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PRESS RELEASE: Right to housing crucial to support family life   15 September 2021  IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Enshrining the right to housing in the constitution is the most robust and effective way to address the housing needs of Ireland’s most vulnerable groups including lone parents, people with disabilities, the Travelling community and migrants, the national federation for unmarried parents...

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