Treoir’s Key Values:

We provide a free, confidential, specialist information service for parents not married to each other, living together or apart, their extended families, and those working with them. Information is available on Legal, Social Welfare, and Parenting issues.

  • We help parents who are not married to each other better understand complex family law issues, specifically access and custody, maintenance and guardianship, we also promote shared parenting and provide parenting tips to help parents develop good parenting relationships.
  • We believe children born to unmarried parents should have the same rights as those born to married parents.
  • We believe that children have a right to be loved and cared for by both parents, where possible.
  • We advocate for changes in the constitution to ensure that that all parents have the same rights regardless of their marital status or gender.
  • We develop policies to influence and advance the reform of the Family Law system.
  • We campaign for a systematic review of how public services and social welfare is delivered to reflect the changing family structures of the 21st century.


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Parents who share parenting should start planning their Christmas arrangements now

Wednesday 22nd of November 2023  “Parents who share parenting time or share access and custody should plan their Christmas arrangements with the other parent in plenty of time before Christmas.” “In Treoir, we really understand that sharing access and custody at Christmas can be incredibly stressful for parents, children and the wider extended family when...

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