Let’s Work it Out

Let’s Work it Out

The Let’s Work it Out programme is currently on hiatus and is not taking any new referrals for the time being.

Watch our video which explains how Let's Work it Out can help Parents

Let’s Work it Out


The sharing of parenting, even where two parents do not live together, is widely accepted as being in the best interests of a child.  ‘Let’s Work it Out’ is a new approach to helping parents who wish to share parenting reach a healthy parenting relationship. The approach uses dispute/conflict resolution, problem-solving, communication skills and strategies, and parenting programmes to enhance shared parenting practices. We hope these proven methods will guide and assist parents who may be struggling to achieve a healthy shared parenting relationship with each other that places their child at the centre of their parenting. 

How can ‘Let’s Work it Out’ help parents?

Where parents wish to enhance or improve their shared parenting, more often than not, growing communication skills can really help to improve the relationship. Let’s Work it Out focuses on working with parents to start to recognise areas they may need to improve when working with, or even just speaking with the other parent. This can involve thinking about a new approach to difficult conversations, ways to avoid conflict, managing existing conflict, and recognising the other parents’ concerns and points of view. These skills can lead to a much more healthy form of shared parenting.

Examples of how Let’s Work it Out can help parents to share parenting

Here are two examples of parenting scenarios to help you to understand the kind of challenges and situations many parents find themselves in when trying to share parenting and how those challenges can be overcome.


Do I need to involve the other parent, or can I avail of ‘Let’s Work it Out’ alone?

Parents can enter the programme alone, or with the other parent. Sometimes, working on your own skills can lead to a much improved relationship. If the other parent wishes to avail of the programme they can do so alone too, or at some point both parents can work on aspects of their parenting together. It is completely up to the individual or individuals to decide on how they want to use the programme.

What services are on offer?

There are a range of options to choose from. Each option will help you to gain skills in having better conversations with your co-parent, or help you improve in your shared parenting decision making, make a parenting plan, or to enter into family mediation.
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How can I access this support?

Treoir will speak to you about the programme and help you to consider your suitability and readiness for the programme. If you do decide to move ahead, Treoir will go through a simple referral process and then refer you onto Dublin Community Mediation. A Parent Support Person from Dublin Community Mediation will contact you about your initial requirements before scheduling a virtual meeting. Your Parent Support Person will remain your primary contact throughout the whole process, so if you need to alter arrangements, talk about your progress, or if you want to start to introduce the other parent, you can speak with your support person, they are there to guide you through the programme.

Is this really suitable for me, or us?

If you are still thinking about whether or not this programme is suitable for you, or how it may help you, we have compiled common scenarios many parents encounter in their parenting. These are fictional examples of parents who struggle to share parenting for a variety of reasons.