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National Specialist Information Service for Unmarried Parents

National Specialist Information Centre – Treoir provides a free, confidential and up-to-date information and referral service for unmarried parents – living together or not – and agencies involved with them. Call us today with your questions at 01 6700 120.

Workshops – Treoir offers a variety of workshops around the country on a regular basis.  Workshops are tailored to the individual needs of particular groups and include legal rights of unmarried parents whether they are cohabiting or not; shared parenting and explaining family relationships; and social welfare payments and going back to work/education. Contact us today at 01 6700 120 with your request.

Publications – Treoir produces a wide range of specialised publications about issues affecting unmarried parents. Contact us today at 01 6700 120 to request an Information Pack or any other relevant publication.

Policy – Treoir is committed to promoting the rights and best interests of unmarried parents and their children in Ireland and makes representations and submissions to government and other relevant bodies to promote change.

Research – Treoir helped to initiate and continues to be involved in the Growing Up in Ireland Study. We also promote and commission research projects on matters concerning unmarried parents and their children.

Networking – Treoir collaborates regularly with other agencies to promote the rights and best interests of unmarried parents and their children.

National Co-ordination of the Teen Parents Support Programme (TPSP)

The Teen Parents Support Programme provides services to enhance and support the wellbeing of young parents and their children, empower young parents in their parenting role and ensure equality of opportunity. The Teen Parents Support Programme is based in and managed by Treoir.

Treoir Membership

Treoir works with a diverse membership base nationwide that includes specialist agencies, HSE, maternity hospitals, adoption services, community groups and self-help groups. Treoir offers a wide range of benefits to its members including the facilitation of a support network for service providers working with unmarried parents. Treoir’s members contribute to the formulation of policy submissions and campaigns affecting unmarried families.

Treoir currently has 27 member agencies. Contact us today to find out more about Treoir Membership at 01 6700 120.


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