Young Parents

Young Parents

Teen Parents Support Programme

The Teen Parents Support Programme -TPSP for short- is a support service, funded mainly by Tusla, for young mothers, young fathers and their families from pregnancy until the baby is 2 years of age.

There are 11 TPSPs throughout the country.  They offer support, information and advocacy in all areas of a young parent’s life including health, relationships, parenting, child care, social welfare entitlements, education, training and anything else about which the mother or father is concerned.

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Teen Parents Support Programme – General Leaflet and  TPSP Contacts 2021 – contains information on TPSP and how to contact the services.





Young Parent Survival Guide Issue no. 1 has articles on Pregnant and panicking, coping with doctors, hospitals and clinics, 10 survival tips for mums, 10 top tips for new dads, Is there school after baby, safer sex and lots more.




Young Parents Survival Guide Edition 2 has articles on Two families, one home – give and take when living with your parents, Tips for tantrums, Baby blues, Shared parenting and lots more.


Information on legal issues, money matters and more are contained in our Information Pack.


Unexpected pregnancy

If your pregnancy is unplanned, counselling can help. Pregnancy counselling provides an opportunity for you to explore your feelings about your pregnancy and to discuss the choices open to you. Call 1800 828 010 or visit

You can also download My Options information pack HERE

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