Launch of ‘Being there for them’ New Edition

Launch of ‘Being there for them’ New Edition

“My son’s relationship has ended and I don’t see my grandchild anymore. What can I do?”

“I’m minding my grandchild full-time. Can I get legal rights to my grandchild (guardianship)?”

“My son’s girlfriend has just had a baby. What are his legal rights?”

These are some of the questions that are answered in Being there for them, a guide for grandparents of children whose parents are unmarried.

Produced by Treoir, the National Specialist Information Service for Unmarried Parents, and funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme, Being there for them was launched at the Mansion House by Andrew Montague, Lord Mayor of Dublin, on Wednesday 19th October.

Lord Mayor, Andrew Montague, said at the launch:

“Grandparents are national treasures who provide substantial support to parents and grandchildren. But often, when they need information, they don’t know where to turn. There is comprehensive information in Being there for them with helpful hints for grandparents.”

Grandparents of children whose parents are unmarried can find themselves in many different situations. They may:

    • have their adult children and their grandchildren living with them
  • be parents of young parents
  • be providing full-time care of  their grandchildren
  • be grandparents who are not in touch with their grandchildren.

Being there for them provides helpful hints and valuable information to grandparents in all of the above situations, which sometimes can be very challenging.

The launch was part of Parents’ Week 2011.

Copies of Being there for them are available free from Treoir,

or LoCall 1890 252 084.