Treoir Research: The Effect on Children when Fathers don’t live with them

Treoir Research: The Effect on Children when Fathers don’t live with them


Mums and Dads! Treoir Research Survey

We are doing research to ensure the rights and interests of children who do not live with their fathers are protected and fully realised. In order to do so we need to better understand this issue. We want to explore the challenges that children and fathers who do not live with them encounter when establishing and maintaining a meaningful relationship on a day to day basis, and also explore good practice that can support this relationship.

The findings of this research will help people who provide services to better understand what supports are needed for families in this situation.Who can take part?

We want to hear from you if you are a mother or father and:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You have children under 18 who currently do not live with their father and where the father has wanted a relationship with the children
  • You have experienced challenges in agreeing issues such as access, maintenance etc.
Who is doing this research?
The research is commissioned by Treoir, and overseen by an interagency steering group. This includes One Family, Doras Buí, Women’s Aid, From Lads to Dads, Daughters of Charity, Mens Development Network, Spark. The research is being undertaken by Quality Matters, an independent research charity.
Important points to note:
  • Nobody will know what you said.
  • We do not ask questions where you could be identified.
  • You can choose to stop at any time.
  • You can choose not to answer any question.
  • The answers you give will be saved anonymously in an online database, and we will delete all of it once we have written it into a report.
What will be asked?
  • Some basic information about you, your children, and relationships in your family.
  • Any challenges you have experienced as a parent where the children do not live with their father.
  • Any impacts you have felt your children experienced as a result of this.
  • Any benefits, challenges, or difficulties you experienced if you engaged with services.
  • What you felt you and your children needed, but did not get, in terms of support.
*There are questions here some people may find difficult. You can choose not to answer them if you wish.

How long will it take?We think this will take you about 20 minutes. If you are happy to progress, please click ‘next’.

Please note, if you have concerns about any aspect of the research process, you can contact Damien Peelo, CEO of Treoir, on 087 971489, or the lead researcher, Anne Vestergaard