CEO of Treoir Urges Uncoupled Parents to Plan Their Christmas Parenting Arrangements

CEO of Treoir Urges Uncoupled Parents to Plan Their Christmas Parenting Arrangements

13th December 2021 

With Christmas coming up, parents who are not living together should take the time now to plan their Christmas arrangements especially as Christmas Day falls on a Saturday this year.


Damien Peelo, CEO of Treoir, said “For many children, this second year of covid has been extremely difficult. The Christmas holidays will be a much-needed break for children to relax and have fun with their families. While it is an exciting time for some it can also be a difficult time for others. Parents should consider working together in the best interests of their children to plan what the parenting arrangements will be to avoid disputes over Christmas.” 

Children will want to see both parents over the Christmas break and will sense if there is tension between the parents during the holidays. 

“When having that conversation with your co-parent, consider when the children will see each parent over the holidays, when presents will be opened, and will the children see their extended family. Try to be understanding, flexible and empathetic to your co-parent who may be trying to balance sharing parenting while also being concerned about the current covid situation.  

If the child will be spending Christmas Day with you and it won’t be possible for them to see their other parent on that day, offer to video call them on the day when it suits them so the child and parent can share the day and open presents together.” 

In line with government guidelines, discuss with your co-parent any concerns you might have for the number of close contacts the child has over the Christmas period and allow for this when discussing when the children will meet their grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.   

“Finally, once you have agreed with your co-parent how you will share parenting over Christmas, it would be a good idea to sit down together and communicate that together with your children. This will reassure your children in advance that they will see both parents over the holidays. This can also reduce anxiety the children might have in the run-up to Christmas. All of this is to ensure that both children and parents get to enjoy their much-deserved break without any stress! 

From all of us at Treoir, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas break! 

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