Treoir Annual Report 2019

Treoir Annual Report 2019

Treoir released its Annual Report 2019 ahead of AGM 2020. Throughout 2019 Treoir have seen an increase in calls and queries to the specialist national information service for parents, guardians and those involved and working with parents.

Queries around legal issues continues to be the most frequent information sought by callers, followed by queries around social protection supports, parenting and mediation.

One statistic that was particularly worrying is that of housing. 67% of callers are in insecure housing )private rented, sheltered, temporary and homelessness services).

Treoir collect data from callers which informs our work throughout the year. Treoir will continue to lobby for a reform of family law, increased mediation services, shared-parenting supports, housing provision which includes supports for fathers who have access to their children, a centralised maintenance service and guardianship rights for fathers.

You can read our Annual Report 2019 here.